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The scent of damp earth. A soft breeze on your face. The freshness of the best lemon. The sweetness of a unique easy-peeler. The colour and intensity of the richest oranges. The wholehearted salute of a driver. The vivid conversation at a market stall. The wink of a Fruit Salesman to his weekly Purveyor.

A child’s laughter. We at Gambín focus on the best Agricultural Practices to ensure products to maintain their nutritional qualities. For a traditional taste of fruit, enhancing its benefits and salutary properties. We offer well-being and a vital experience we invite you to practice with us. Gambín, live it!

la prensa fija su atención en gambin como referente del sector en el inicio de campana

The press fixes its attention on GAMBÍN as a reference in the sector at the beginning of the campaign

The start of the national citrus campaign is an important date on the calendar within the business, but it is also of importance for other economic and social agents. In a country like Spain, where the production and commercialization of agricultural products means a significant part of the GDP, over ten thousand jobs and industries relate, directly or indirectly, to this activity. As such, all eyes are on this campaign, on what will happen and how to anticipate the performance during its central months.

For this reason, companies who are a reference within the business have much to say. Therefore, the media have turned to these professionals to know, first-hand, about their forecasts, asking them for their opinions, their sensations and for the first data on this freshly started campaign. GAMBÍN has been one of them.

gambin renueva su compromiso con la escuela tenis y padel de cox

GAMBÍN renews its commitment to the Tennis and Paddle School of Cox

One more year, GAMBÍN committed to promoting training and competitiveness within the framework of sports values. It does so ​​through its cooperation agreement with the Cox Tennis and Paddle School. Nearly 100 students of this sports centre in Cox, where the company's headquarters are located, together with their teachers and their trainers, will endorse the company’s brand on their uniforms. They will wear them attending local competitions and sports venues all over Spain.

This is a relationship that started in 2008, when GAMBÍN decided to promote sports practice by linking its name to the school’s image. “Gambin has always been our sponsor, the company has supported us practically from the beginning. This agreement renewal stands for fidelity, commitment and the desire to continue backing up sports.



Three days of intense activity around a single product: fruit. Everything was ready for Madrid to once again host what is considered the most important event in the business: ‘Fruit Attraction’. IFEMA has been the meeting point where 1,800 companies and 90,000 professionals from 130 countries had the opportunity to establish, consolidate or boost their business relationships.

A genuine happening for the fruit and vegetable family worldwide and a reference in both the national and international markets, where GAMBÍN was not missed. Booth 3F01, located in Hall 3, has been be the base of operations for the company with its headquarters in Cox, Alicante. There were 40 square meters where both managers, commercial team and specialists of the company have been available to the visitors of the Fair.



The heat of this summer is already behind us. The first autumn rains are the starting point of a challenge that, once again, the Gambin Runners have imposed themselves for 2019-2020.

Valencia, Alicante and Murcia are the appointments set before the end of the year, and they will reach their climax with the great annual race: the 42 kilometres of the Valencia Marathon.

To be able arriving in the best physical and mental conditions is the first objective that this great family has marked itself. They have grown to become a large group of runners and companions formed by workers, collaborators and friends of the company GAMBÍN.

Moha Gambin

‘Moha’, an example of tenacity and professionality

Work effort, a healthy lifestyle, and an eye for the smallest details, are some of the main pillars of the GAMBÍN corporate values. All of these can be found in almost all our workforce. Mohammed Hajjaoui is a clear example of this attitude towards the job. Going by the affectionate name of ‘Moha’, as he is known by his fellow companions, started his career in our company around 2016 as a part of the cleaning and industrial maintenance team. In this area, and through his dedicated work, he has been gaining experience and responsibility. His persistence and capability to exceed himself, as his records within the company ascertains, have been some of his major virtues.