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The scent of damp earth. A soft breeze on your face. The freshness of the best lemon. The sweetness of a unique easy-peeler. The colour and intensity of the richest oranges. The wholehearted salute of a driver. The vivid conversation at a market stall. The wink of a Fruit Salesman to his weekly Purveyor.

A child’s laughter. We at Gambín focus on the best Agricultural Practices to ensure products to maintain their nutritional qualities. For a traditional taste of fruit, enhancing its benefits and salutary properties. We offer well-being and a vital experience we invite you to practice with us. Gambín, live it!

Moha Gambin

‘Moha’, an example of tenacity and professionality

Work effort, a healthy lifestyle, and an eye for the smallest details, are some of the main pillars of the GAMBÍN corporate values. All of these can be found in almost all our workforce. Mohammed Hajjaoui is a clear example of this attitude towards the job. Going by the affectionate name of ‘Moha’, as he is known by his fellow companions, started his career in our company around 2016 as a part of the cleaning and industrial maintenance team. In this area, and through his dedicated work, he has been gaining experience and responsibility. His persistence and capability to exceed himself, as his records within the company ascertains, have been some of his major virtues.

15K noctura Valencia Gambin

Nocturnal GAMBÍN runners take the streets of Valencia

10.000 runners, a Mediterranean breeze, the perfect climatologic conditions, and one of the most beautiful cities in Spain bathed in moonlight, has been the scenario where the GAMBÍN Runners could not miss out on the 15K Nocturnal race. This happening took place the 8th of June, in Valencia, and it has become a compulsory sporting venue for both amateur and professional runners who want to participate in this event, qualified by the Bronze Label of the IAAF, the international Athletics Federation, as one of the best distance running experiences in the country.

12 brave souls of the GAMBÍN team started at 22h30, cheered by the necessary supporting group whom accompany them at each race.