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The scent of damp earth. A soft breeze on your face. The freshness of the best lemon. The sweetness of a unique easy-peeler. The colour and intensity of the richest oranges. The wholehearted salute of a driver. The vivid conversation at a market stall. The wink of a Fruit Salesman to his weekly Purveyor.

A child’s laughter. We at Gambín focus on the best Agricultural Practices to ensure products to maintain their nutritional qualities. For a traditional taste of fruit, enhancing its benefits and salutary properties. We offer well-being and a vital experience we invite you to practice with us. Gambín, live it!

Evento Gambín Vívelo

Over 200 people participate at ‘Gambín Live it’

The Headquarters of GAMBÍN, located in Cox, Alicante, have been the meeting point very recently for an open doors happening, the ‘Gambín, live it’ experience. A rendezvous that counted with more than two hundred people who came well intendedly to share an unforgettable day, focussing on the persons and the company that make it happen.

The day started off with the presentation and launching of the ‘Gambín, Live it’ concept, which concentrates on sharing experiences, emotions, all of which are possible thanks to the team at GAMBÍN. The result is to be found in all shapes and sizes: products, services, relationships, commercial trade partnerships, and so on.

Gambin Runners

Gambín Runners: Catch me if you can!

Hundreds of kilometres of runway and asphalt, colourful headbands, worn down running gear, no matter the cold or hot weather, no matter rain or wind, there was only one goal: to reach the finish line. Sacrifice and effort, as it always happens in life, pays off in a rewarding way.

This was made clear in Valencia, the city along the Turia river, where the Gambín Runners team was baptized. They could not be defeated in their effort nor could they be discouraged, and with their families and friends supporting them all the way, this sports team ran for about 15 kilometres until they reached the well-earned finish line.

Together we can reach further and even accomplish greater...