• 06 February 2020

A working placement opened our doors to José Francisco Rodríguez in 2017. What he could not imagine at the time was that he would be still working at GAMBÍN three years later, and boosting his professional career.

Born in Rafal in 1993, José Francisco Rodríguez got a Certificate of Higher Education (HNC) in Business Administration and Finance in Callosa del Segura. The partnership agreement between GAMBÍN and his college allowed him to start training at our Cox offices. This placement was aimed at supporting what he learnt as a student, especially in relation to administrative tasks. "I was in charge of managing invoices for materials and transport within the Operations Area as well as learning day by day how to verify the stock, orders, etc”. His good disposition led to a phone call from his manager shortly before the end of the placement. “He told me that they knew I had only a few weeks left and that the company's management team would be delighted if I continued working for them”. A few days later, he signed his first job contract as a GAMBÍN worker.

Constant learning

José Francisco's professional growth did not stop there. Having a steady job is a goal for many young people, for him it was just the starting point. “As time went by, I started doing support services to the Logistics Area, where I am working now, specifically in external transport. I’m currently in charge of all the logistics coordination, depending directly on the Operations Department. Thinking about it, my current work has nothing to do with what I studied. Administrative knowledge for invoice management does have some relation to it, but right now I’m only applying what I learnt about logistics. Here at GAMBÍN, you have the opportunity to train from the beginning. I really think you can go as far as you want in GAMBÍN”.

His good disposition and proactivity has played a fundamental role in his development, according to his superiors, but he highlights other aspects as more important. "The support from colleagues and the management team has been very important. They are the ones that give you the foundation, and then you work from there, contributing with your own ideas and enhancing the different processes. GAMBÍN always welcomes new proposals for improvement”.

Perseverance and Sacrifice

José Francisco feels privileged to have a steady job, something that many young people keep fighting for. “It is certainly something highly valued nowadays. Most of students spend a year or two looking for a job. When asked about the secret of his success, he does not hesitate: “I advise you to try and learn as much as possible about how the company works. Be open to new ideas. Also, show willingness to help, because showing interest is the most important thing. If you want to have continuity in a job, you must show professionalism and be receptive”.

“Here you come in and train”

This young logistics specialist feels highly identified with GAMBÍN values. “The attention to detail and search for perfection is essential for the company and deeply helps its professionals. One can start carrying out a specific task, and consequently have a thousand possibilities to learn many other things. Here you come in and train”. He will keep using this formula through his career. Here’s his challenge: “I would like to continue learning about maritime transport, it’s a topic I still have a lot to learn about”, he concludes.

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