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‘Long life’ tomatoes: an extended shelf-life with supreme quality

A visit to our greenhouses is a maximum experience; An explosion of quality and quantity. The GAMBÍN tomatoes harvest, which takes place these days at our farms located in the province of Almería, is a feast to all your senses. It already enables us to supply both national and international markets, focussed on offering the best product to their customers.

The activity in our facilities is frantic. It is now mid-January, and our professionals take great care, through their experience and know-how, in order to prevent any failures in the final stage of the tomato production chain: harvesting, packing, careful transporting, every process counts. However, these are but the last steps in a continuous workflow throughout the year.  It is finally crowned when consumers are in receipt of a fine quality product with a consistency superior to average tomatoes. These “Long Life” tomatoes can be singled out on the market due to their distinctive colour and remarkable longevity.

What is the secret of the quality of GAMBÍN tomatoes?

The attention to detail when treating internal procedures and the detailed analysis of the external conditions, are a big part of the success of the GAMBÍN tomato. Our agronomists work from the seedbed onwards, and they continuously implement a precise action plan on the farms whilst the plants are growing. This, in order to adapt crops to the surrounding climate changes. They adjust plant growth constantly to the environment and in order to achieve good results, they rely on the data identified during previous campaigns. Observing, processing and correcting, each activity is synchronized to find the best solution to each issue.

During the last months, the average temperature has been higher, as well as the relative humidity. In addition, there was a drop in temperature in November, something that however has not affected the product. The plants did not suffer any physiological breakdown thanks to the application of the internal procedures carried out to prevent casualties. A significant advantage was found in the daylight conditions of Almeria, a benefit of the geographical location.

Tomatoes known for their long shelf-life

The intense colour, size and authentic flavour are but some of the qualities that make GAMBÍN tomato an appreciated product throughout Europe. Known as ‘long life’ for their durability, they retain all their qualities for an above average period of time. Both Versailles on the vine tomatoes, Bison tomatoes as well as the Tasmir tomato variety stand for colour, uniformity in production, and G - GG sizes.