This is how the citrus fruits GAMBÍN are harvested
  • 11 May 2020

With the first light of dawn, our farms begin to wake up. The reflection on the fruits of the incipient sunlight, which filters through the branches and leaves of the trees, offers a spectacle of colour, creating an almost magical image. It is at that moment when the crews arrive punctually and ready to start their work. The foreman gives the first instructions and explains the work schedule for the day. Quickly, the team members prepare to unfold the boxes for collection. Once they are ready, they listen to the last instructions so that nothing goes wrong and they start their work.

Choosing the right time to cut

The harvesting work is a task of great importance and influence on the final quality of the GAMBÍN fruit. It starts with choosing the best moment for cutting, once the dew has evaporated. The skill of the operators, who have great experience and knowledge, is fundamental. Some of the capacities our operators must have range from choosing the right fruit to handling it correctly, in order to avoid bumps or damage. These capacities have been acquired through years of experience in carrying out their work. Everything has an influence on the product being certified with the quality and recognition that the different GAMBÍN brands obtain in different European markets.

A work of experts

Specialization, as in every area of the company, is key. The crews count on experts to carry out each task. Among these are the montoneros, who are responsible for making the first discards of product and correctly placing the citrus fruits in their respective boxes. Once piled up, they are ready to be loaded onto the lorries in the field. Once again, order and organization are fundamental in the process.

Freshness guarantee

There is no time to waste in order to guarantee the freshness of GAMBÍN citrus fruits. The boxes are placed in the vehicle through a perfectly coordinated human chain in which communication is fundamental. Once loaded, they are quickly transported to the central plant thanks to the expertise of the drivers, who will deposit the goods in the facilities of the central plant in Cox (Alicante), leaving them ready to be classified and packed.

Safety first and foremost

Worker safety is also a priority in the field.The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory for all employees. Gloves prevent injuries when handling tools and crops; special googles avoid eye damage from branches or small particles; and boots insulate while avoiding crushing the foot from falling boxes or other elements.

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