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At Gambín we offer the best product as a result of the utmost care to detail and a passionate respect towards our origins. A flavour of tradition entwined throughout all of our actions. It can be found in our relationship with producers and within the caring way we treat our crops. It is also present when harvesting or when packing, as we rely on innovative and efficient practices. Our quality control is meticulous and our transport is reliable and secure.

Our fulfilment of deliveries and distribution is done with paramount respect as to timing and accuracy, in order to purvey to our clients exactly when and as they have ordered us. We are citrus specialists, owning ourselves or partnering in production for over 80% of the crops we manage. We are mainly focussed on traditional wholesale markets but also do strongly believe in being present within the supermarket supply chains, distributing our produce in the Alicante area and throughout the Canary Islands, as well as in the rest of Spain, Europe, South America, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Batido de Pina

Mouth-watering GAMBÍN Pineapple Smoothie Recipes

Summer is approaching, the cold is falling behind and the sunsets are getting longer. And that, in our shopping list, means only one thing: the GAMBÍN pineapple becomes indispensable. One of the most popular fruits for its sweet taste, its nutritional properties and, above all, the versatility it offers. Milkshakes, cocktails and even hot dishes can include pineapple among their ingredients, but for the summer, something refreshing is always more welcome. Here are some recipes with pineapple to enjoy its flavour and quell the arrival of high temperatures.

Pato a la naranja

Five orange recipes you will not leave anything on the plate with

There is nothing healthier than market cuisine. Taking advantage of what the garden brings every season to maximize the flavours and nuances of each product. At this time of the year we can take advantage of the many benefits and possibilities offered by Navel and Navel Late oranges. Two varieties known for their natural sweetness and for the number of options they bring to our kitchen. See below 5 handy and delicious orange recipes.

Cooking with orange, or any fruit, can implicitly make you think about sweets and desserts. Although possibilities multiply in the confectionery...

Limones Rameados

“Rameado”: Branch Induced Bruising in Citrus

What is this? 

It is a deterioration that occurs in citrus fruits, lemons and oranges fundamentally. This is a consequence of the beating of the fruits by the branches of the tree they grow on.

Why does it occur? 

Strong gusts of wind can cause adjacent branches, both from the same tree and nearby ones, to hit the fruits, causing bruises on the fruit skin.

How is it distinguished? 

Although it depends on the intensity with which the branch has hit the fruit, these marks can present long shapes, like a lash, but rarely stand out for their depth.

Tomates gambin long life

‘Long life’ tomatoes: an extended shelf-life with supreme quality

A visit to our greenhouses is a maximum experience; An explosion of quality and quantity. The GAMBÍN tomatoes harvest, which takes place these days at our farms located in the province of Almería, is a feast to all your senses. It already enables us to supply both national and international markets, focussed on offering the best product to their customers.

The activity in our facilities is frantic. It is now mid-January, and our professionals take great care, through their experience and know-how, in order to prevent any failures in the final stage of the tomato production chain: harvesting, packing, careful transporting, every process counts. However, these are but the last steps in a continuous workflow throughout the year.  It is finally crowned when consumers are in receipt of a fine quality product with a consistency superior to average tomatoes. These “Long Life” tomatoes can be singled out on the market due to their distinctive colour and remarkable longevity.

Limones finos gambin y bin

The healing properties of “Fino” lemon

Direct from the GAMBÍN fields to our bodies. Foods are our allies, and we must take advantage of them in the best way. There is nothing like taking benefit from the natural properties of different products. We can easily include them in our daily diet in a delicious way. One of the greatest examples and one of the most distinguished citrus in our product offer, is the Fino lemon.

clemenules la joya del otono

Clemenules, the jewel of autumn

Its overall appearance makes it very desirable. Its flavour is appreciated. There is no variety that can compete with it. That’s why it is the most demanded easy-peeler on the market. The Clemenules, abbreviation of its name and place of origin: “Clementine”, a variety name, and “Nules”, a town situated in the Castellon province, is expected with open arms on all markets around these dates. And this not by chance.

It is a perfect citrus for all audiences. Optimal in size, it can be consumed at home or transported to work or school. It is easy to peel. No pips that bother when eating them. And Clemenules are also particularly sweet, very sweet even. A member of the tangerine family, it is an improved version of citrus fruit. This family has evolved over the centuries to become a joy for the human palate as, amongst other features, these fruits have significantly reduced their acidity level a characteristic trait for any other citrus.

Such a level of quality and adaptation to universal taste may pop the idea that they were designed on purpose. Quite the opposite, Clemenules were born from the spontaneously generated mutation on a tree back in Castellon in 1954. This mutation is at the origin of a variety that quickly spread due to its incomparable qualities, and it is nowadays from Spain that the Clemenules conquer the world.