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At Gambín we offer the best product as a result of the utmost care to detail and a passionate respect towards our origins. A flavour of tradition entwined throughout all of our actions. It can be found in our relationship with producers and within the caring way we treat our crops. It is also present when harvesting or when packing, as we rely on innovative and efficient practices. Our quality control is meticulous and our transport is reliable and secure.

Our fulfilment of deliveries and distribution is done with paramount respect as to timing and accuracy, in order to purvey to our clients exactly when and as they have ordered us. We are citrus specialists, owning ourselves or partnering in production for over 80% of the crops we manage. We are mainly focussed on traditional wholesale markets but also do strongly believe in being present within the supermarket supply chains, distributing our produce in the Alicante area and throughout the Canary Islands, as well as in the rest of Spain, Europe, South America, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Marcas Gambin


A brand is much more than a name. Behind letters and numbers chosen to identify a company and its products there is more than just a combination of symbols. Something that is quite clear at GAMBÍN and we want to preserve it, from the first to the last person in our organisation. To GAMBÍN, our brand is our core value, an intangible asset that we possess. It is our major heirloom. We entrust it with our know-how and values we have been accumulating for decades. It is the guarantee that we will deliver a specific product to its destiny by upholding its quality standards and fulfilling the expectations that the receiver has bestowed upon us.

Valencia Late naranjas del verano


Summer is here! With its many hours of sun, high temperatures and free time for those of have the chance to enjoy vacations. Even if you have to keep on working, it is a perfect time to practice a healthy lifestyle and consume fruit. Of all the available choices and possibilities, there is one that stands out for its ability to refresh: orange juice. Who does not long for a glass of freshly pressed and cold orange juice?

Everybody loves it, or so do the statics show us. The healthy lifestyle habits are here to stay. Orange is no exception. The latest studies have revealed that orange consumption in Spain is about 5Kg yearly per capita, and that a 20% of this intake are table oranges and an 80% is through drinking the juice of oranges destined to be pressed.