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At Gambín we offer the best product as a result of the utmost care to detail and a passionate respect towards our origins. A flavour of tradition entwined throughout all of our actions. It can be found in our relationship with producers and within the caring way we treat our crops. It is also present when harvesting or when packing, as we rely on innovative and efficient practices. Our quality control is meticulous and our transport is reliable and secure.

Our fulfilment of deliveries and distribution is done with paramount respect as to timing and accuracy, in order to purvey to our clients exactly when and as they have ordered us. We are citrus specialists, owning ourselves or partnering in production for over 80% of the crops we manage. We are mainly focussed on traditional wholesale markets but also do strongly believe in being present within the supermarket supply chains, distributing our produce in the Alicante area and throughout the Canary Islands, as well as in the rest of Spain, Europe, South America, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

clemenules la joya del otono

Clemenules, the jewel of autumn

Its overall appearance makes it very desirable. Its flavour is appreciated. There is no variety that can compete with it. That’s why it is the most demanded easy-peeler on the market. The Clemenules, abbreviation of its name and place of origin: “Clementine”, a variety name, and “Nules”, a town situated in the Castellon province, is expected with open arms on all markets around these dates. And this not by chance.

It is a perfect citrus for all audiences. Optimal in size, it can be consumed at home or transported to work or school. It is easy to peel. No pips that bother when eating them. And Clemenules are also particularly sweet, very sweet even. A member of the tangerine family, it is an improved version of citrus fruit. This family has evolved over the centuries to become a joy for the human palate as, amongst other features, these fruits have significantly reduced their acidity level a characteristic trait for any other citrus.

Such a level of quality and adaptation to universal taste may pop the idea that they were designed on purpose. Quite the opposite, Clemenules were born from the spontaneously generated mutation on a tree back in Castellon in 1954. This mutation is at the origin of a variety that quickly spread due to its incomparable qualities, and it is nowadays from Spain that the Clemenules conquer the world.

cinco razones por las que comer pina

Five good reasons to eat pineapple

There is food with a unique appeal. Products that we associate with a lifestyle, a mood and with wonderful properties. One of these is, without any doubt, the pineapple. There are thousands of reasons why eating pineapple is a great idea and we can even single out five wholesome reasons why the taste of the GAMBÍN pineapple, in addition to its outstanding qualities, can lead to so many positive sensations.

Pineapple is health. Health for our body, thanks to its properties, and for our mind, thanks to its taste and sweetness. It is the perfect fruit that offers us many reasons to enjoy it. Here’s what GAMBIN thinks about it…

Pineapples are flavour and texture. They are both sweet, juicy and delicate. They have a unique flavour, remembering tropical fruits.



Long live the tomato! 2019 was another successful campaign and has permitted to meet the objectives of the campaign. Another job well done, whilst maintaining the essence of our crops and respecting the traditions that characterize us. Once again we start anew. New plantations, new sensations and a renewed commitment to our long life tomatoes.

The first stages of each campaign are of utmost importance to establish the foundations for future success. To continue offering colour, texture and the intensity of our precious Bison and Ferrari tomatoes throughout Europe, we must start at the base. To start, it is essential to clean the greenhouses and disinfect the soil by using the “solarisation” technique, which permits us to achieve integrated production.

Solarisation is a soil disinfection method that is characterised by covering the soil with plastic coverings. By doing so, we can control pathogens as they are sensitive to the steady increase in temperature and the application of constant humidity. This is achieved through capturing sun rays and retaining the energy. An ideal technique to bolster the proper functioning of a campaign, already arriving with an unbeatable projection.



They arrive from Costa Rica at the right point of maturation, both in colour and sweetness. Its appearance makes it easily distinguishable among others of green hues. This product has a nice blond tone, and that’s what makes the GAMBÍN pineapples the most precious on the markets of Spain.

Why are GAMBÍN pineapples so special? At first, and as for our products, it is due to the careful selection process and the constant monitoring of our suppliers. The technicians of the company with its headquarters in Cox, Alicante, travel assiduously throughout the year to Costa Rica to maintain close contact with the farmers of an area that is equipped with very specific climate and soil characteristics for the cultivation of this fruit. This is rather...

Marcas Gambin


A brand is much more than a name. Behind letters and numbers chosen to identify a company and its products there is more than just a combination of symbols. Something that is quite clear at GAMBÍN and we want to preserve it, from the first to the last person in our organisation. To GAMBÍN, our brand is our core value, an intangible asset that we possess. It is our major heirloom. We entrust it with our know-how and values we have been accumulating for decades. It is the guarantee that we will deliver a specific product to its destiny by upholding its quality standards and fulfilling the expectations that the receiver has bestowed upon us.