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15K noctura Valencia Gambin

Nocturnal GAMBÍN runners take the streets of Valencia

10.000 runners, a Mediterranean breeze, the perfect climatologic conditions, and one of the most beautiful cities in Spain bathed in moonlight, has been the scenario where the GAMBÍN Runners could not miss out on the 15K Nocturnal race. This happening took place the 8th of June, in Valencia, and it has become a compulsory sporting venue for both amateur and professional runners who want to participate in this event, qualified by the Bronze Label of the IAAF, the international Athletics Federation, as one of the best distance running experiences in the country.

12 brave souls of the GAMBÍN team started at 22h30, cheered by the necessary supporting group whom accompany them at each race.

Moha Gambin

‘Moha’, an example of tenacity and professionality

Work effort, a healthy lifestyle, and an eye for the smallest details, are some of the main pillars of the GAMBÍN corporate values. All of these can be found in almost all our workforce. Mohammed Hajjaoui is a clear example of this attitude towards the job. Going by the affectionate name of ‘Moha’, as he is known by his fellow companions, started his career in our company around 2016 as a part of the cleaning and industrial maintenance team. In this area, and through his dedicated work, he has been gaining experience and responsibility. His persistence and capability to exceed himself, as his records within the company ascertains, have been some of his major virtues.

Envasadoras Gambin


Indispensable pieces of one great enterprise, where every persons plays a key role of vital importance to ensure that the selection of GAMBÍN product is executed according to the finest standards; this is how the packers work at our warehouse. A group of people, all women, who have a special feeling.

They are aware of the fact that each one of them is crucial to safeguard the full functionality of the group. Both the most experienced members as do the newest ones guarantee through their teamwork that the basics of success are upheld by accomplishing their task in perfect harmony. They demonstrate their knowledge and experience in GAMBÍN packing techniques, and are oriented to select only those pieces of fruit which...

Equipo Gambin Almeria

GAMBÍN Almeria: the success of a unique way of doing things

In a more global world, it is easy to be carried away by overall market tendencies and more general techniques adopted by the majority. Often do we speak here about procedures that promise quick success, but that generally come with an uncertain result.

Within this context, GAMBÍN Almeria is a stronghold of better agricultural practices in its region. For over 20 years, it upholds its particular understanding of how the regional speciality: the tomato, must be cultivated. Almeria is a white spot in the southern part of Spain, and in the middle of a vast extension covered in glasshouses, known as ‘the plastic sea’, our company, with its headquarters in Cox, Alicante, ensures that you...

Valencia Late naranjas del verano


Summer is here! With its many hours of sun, high temperatures and free time for those of have the chance to enjoy vacations. Even if you have to keep on working, it is a perfect time to practice a healthy lifestyle and consume fruit. Of all the available choices and possibilities, there is one that stands out for its ability to refresh: orange juice. Who does not long for a glass of freshly pressed and cold orange juice?

Everybody loves it, or so do the statics show us. The healthy lifestyle habits are here to stay. Orange is no exception. The latest studies have revealed that orange consumption in Spain is about 5Kg yearly per capita, and that a 20% of this intake are table oranges and an 80% is through drinking the juice of oranges destined to be pressed.

Marcas Gambin


A brand is much more than a name. Behind letters and numbers chosen to identify a company and its products there is more than just a combination of symbols. Something that is quite clear at GAMBÍN and we want to preserve it, from the first to the last person in our organisation. To GAMBÍN, our brand is our core value, an intangible asset that we possess. It is our major heirloom. We entrust it with our know-how and values we have been accumulating for decades. It is the guarantee that we will deliver a specific product to its destiny by upholding its quality standards and fulfilling the expectations that the receiver has bestowed upon us.

Manuel Fernandez Gambin

“GAMBÍN does not work with suppliers, it has partners”

‘At GAMBÍN we check every detail on the spot to guarantee meeting the client’s expectations.’ 

‘Flexibility and adaptability are the two words that define operations at GAMBÍN at their best.’

Manuel Fernández arrived at GAMBÍN in 2013. He previously made a career in the automotive business, and has since then been applying his vast knowledge and training to the industrial and logistic processes...

Carolina Gambin

“At GAMBÍN we improve the quality of the Fruit that is delivered to the client through selection”

Her eyes glow when talking about Gambin and for a reason; Carolina, Carol as everybody knows her in the company, does not only wear the family’s surname, she has also forged, both professionally and personally, the packing station in Cox.

Her profound knowledge of fruit has brought her to supervise the packing line, where she is in charge, together with her team, to select the optimum quality demanded by each client.

Gambin Runners

Gambín Runners: Catch me if you can!

Hundreds of kilometres of runway and asphalt, colourful headbands, worn down running gear, no matter the cold or hot weather, no matter rain or wind, there was only one goal: to reach the finish line. Sacrifice and effort, as it always happens in life, pays off in a rewarding way.

This was made clear in Valencia, the city along the Turia river, where the Gambín Runners team was baptized. They could not be defeated in their effort nor could they be discouraged, and with their families and friends supporting them all the way, this sports team ran for about 15 kilometres until they reached the well-earned finish line.

Together we can reach further and even accomplish greater...

Evento Gambín Vívelo

Over 200 people participate at ‘Gambín Live it’

The Headquarters of GAMBÍN, located in Cox, Alicante, have been the meeting point very recently for an open doors happening, the ‘Gambín, live it’ experience. A rendezvous that counted with more than two hundred people who came well intendedly to share an unforgettable day, focussing on the persons and the company that make it happen.

The day started off with the presentation and launching of the ‘Gambín, Live it’ concept, which concentrates on sharing experiences, emotions, all of which are possible thanks to the team at GAMBÍN. The result is to be found in all shapes and sizes: products, services, relationships, commercial trade partnerships, and so on.

Fruit Logistica 2019 Gambín

Fruit Logistica 2019: Gambín does not fail to its annual appointment in Berlin

Over 76,000 participants from 130 different countries who want to experience new issues and products brought by 3,000 exhibitors from 84 different nationalities. During the celebration of Fruit Logistica, on the 6th, 7th and 8th of February, Berlin has once again been the world’s epicenter of the Fruit and Vegetable Trade. The fair is widely regarded as the most important one on the Market, both for its size and the quality of displayed goods and services brought by its exhibitors.

GAMBÍN, as usual, could not miss on this yearly meeting of leading companies. A delegation of the Spanish division, formed mainly...

Gambín Canarias

GAMBÍN Canary Islands: business expansion after consolidation

GAMBÍN Canary Islands is a company celebrating its six years of constant activity with plentiful of responsible trading. The team on location is convinced that 2019 will be its year of commercial expansion.

After a 5-year lasting adaptation to the economic surroundings, specific to the islands, the Management of the Company, a reference within the Fruit trade and wholesale distribution, is convinced the time has come to grow beyond the markets of Tenerife and Las Palmas.

“The entire team at GAMBÍN Canary Islands has made generous efforts to thrust forward and make the business grow on all levels. As a result...

Tomates Gambín

GAMBÍN, in the heart of Almeria

Almeria province is the major production and trading site for Tomatoes within Spain, and even within Europe. For this reason, and as if it could be different, GAMBÍN has a strong presence in Almeria.

Our greenhouses, where the Long Life tomato assortment is one of the chief varieties, stand out in Almeria. The harvested products here highlight, as they have a long shelf life, they have a firm and tasteful flesh, they are packed with texture and colour, and they are only available due to our respect for the natural soul and essence of agricultural traditions.

We, at GAMBÍN make a difference because of...

Cítricos BIN

The GAMBÍN citrus family grows with its new brand ‘BIN’

It is a happy moment for the GAMBÍN citrus family, as a new member enlarges the ranks of an already broad quality range of oranges, lemons, and easy-peelers. We present you with the ‘BIN’ brand, a decisive choice made by our nationally and internationally renowned company, in order for consumers to enjoy their favourite citrus varieties all year through.

'BIN' disembarks to strengthen and improve yet some more the range of prime quality citrus.

From their Headquarters located in Cox, Alicante, our team is genuinely...

Joaquín Gambín

Joaquín Gambín: "We have evolved in a decided bet towards our production sites and the specialization in citrus production”

He is both voice and image of the experience. For over half a century, Joaquín Gambín Santacruz, an 80-year-old Alicante businessman, has been fully dedicated to what he calls "his lifetime's passion": the production and marketing of citrus, fruit and vegetables. As acting president of the GAMBÍN Group, he enthusiastically fulfills the challenge of connecting the legacy of his predecessors with a renewed organizational model, a reflection of the third generation.

José Gambín

José Gambín: “Passion for our profession and a care for detail are both DNA and basics of our entrepreneurial success.”

At 48 years of age, not only has he reached a height in his personal development, but also has he come to fulfil a certain business maturity. He might be called “A chip off the old bock”, as this businessman from Alicante region fully embodies the third generation of a family with a profound history of starting up, developing and managing production facilities, citrus handling and fruit and vegetable trading companies.

As General Managing Director of the Gambín Group, and through his knowledge, a result of a broad experience in Trade...