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Have a thrilling experience. This is a prerogative at Gambín. We want to enjoy ourselves together with our clients, our suppliers and our personnel. Feel and pass on our passion for our craftsmanship. Our love towards agriculture and fruit. To work on a daily basis, in order to ensure nothing is missing and everything is right there where it should be.

Growing and exceeding ourselves both on a professional and on a personal level. We want to connect with you and convey you to our world, opening a window through experiences in order for you to be enthralled by them. By doing so, we want you to know us all the better and thereby get to know you further.


The importance of pruning in the quality of citrus trees

Pruning is one of the most important cultural practices to be carried out during the citrus fruit crop cycle due to its impact on the production volume and the quality of the fruit, since pruning is directly related to the balance between the vegetative and reproductive development of the tree.

portal empleo gambin

GAMBÍN job portal: access to a world of professional opportunities

Thousands of CVs received, hundreds of interviews conducted and dozens of hires. The GAMBÍN group has stood out for many years in the horticulture industry as an employment provider for a wide range of areas. The commitment to professionals with proven experience, who contribute to the optimum quality of its citrus fruits and the service offered to the client, has been a constant throughout the history of the company. Moreover, special attention has been paid to constant training and growth both in the workplace and personally within the company. 

Recoleccion Citricos

This is how the citrus fruits GAMBÍN are harvested

With the first light of dawn, our farms begin to wake up. The reflection on the fruits of the incipient sunlight, which filters through the branches and leaves of the trees, offers a spectacle of colour, creating an almost magical image. It is at that moment when the crews arrive punctually and ready to start their work. The foreman gives the first instructions and explains the work schedule for the day. Quickly, the team members prepare to unfold the boxes for collection. Once they are ready, they listen to the last instructions so that nothing goes wrong and they start their work.

Grupo Fuentes y Gambin

“Grupo Fuentes and GAMBÍN are soulmates who share the same vision, based on excellence and constant improvement”

Every single traveller has come across one of its nearly 700 trucks occasionally. Not only seen on Spanish highways but also around Europe. Its fleet provides services to flagship national and international companies. Grupo Fuentes has won their trust thanks to their personalized customer service and total commitment with delivery on time. A quarter of a century endorses the cooperation between Grupo Fuentes and GAMBÍN, of which Antonio Fuentes Fernández, our Operations and Logistics director speaks about with passion and emotion.

labores culturales

Cultural Practices, key to the quality of GAMBÍN citrus.

Cultural Practices are the different tasks of maintenance and care of farms and crops. These practices guarantee good harvests and also the continuity of productivity. Practices GAMBÍN meets in detail.

In order to do so, our Field Management team monitors all the variables to carry out the appropriate work. Every morning, different teams are organized and plan activities for each specific area. Once they are perfectly equipped with their tools and PPEs, they start their tasks.