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Have a thrilling experience. This is a prerogative at Gambín. We want to enjoy ourselves together with our clients, our suppliers and our personnel. Feel and pass on our passion for our craftsmanship. Our love towards agriculture and fruit. To work on a daily basis, in order to ensure nothing is missing and everything is right there where it should be.

Growing and exceeding ourselves both on a professional and on a personal level. We want to connect with you and convey you to our world, opening a window through experiences in order for you to be enthralled by them. By doing so, we want you to know us all the better and thereby get to know you further.

Equipo Gambin Almeria

GAMBÍN Almeria: the success of a unique way of doing things

In a more global world, it is easy to be carried away by overall market tendencies and more general techniques adopted by the majority. Often do we speak here about procedures that promise quick success, but that generally come with an uncertain result.

Within this context, GAMBÍN Almeria is a stronghold of better agricultural practices in its region. For over 20 years, it upholds its particular understanding of how the regional speciality: the tomato, must be cultivated. Almeria is a white spot in the southern part of Spain, and in the middle of a vast extension covered in glasshouses, known as ‘the plastic sea’, our company, with its headquarters in Cox, Alicante, ensures that you...

Envasadoras Gambin


Indispensable pieces of one great enterprise, where every persons plays a key role of vital importance to ensure that the selection of GAMBÍN product is executed according to the finest standards; this is how the packers work at our warehouse. A group of people, all women, who have a special feeling.

They are aware of the fact that each one of them is crucial to safeguard the full functionality of the group. Both the most experienced members as do the newest ones guarantee through their teamwork that the basics of success are upheld by accomplishing their task in perfect harmony. They demonstrate their knowledge and experience in GAMBÍN packing techniques, and are oriented to select only those pieces of fruit which...