Over 200 people participate at ‘Gambín Live it’
  • 10 May 2019

The Headquarters of GAMBÍN, located in Cox, Alicante, have been the meeting point very recently for an open doors happening, the ‘Gambín, live it’ experience. A rendezvous that counted with more than two hundred people who came well intendedly to share an unforgettable day, focussing on the persons and the company that make it happen.

The day started off with the presentation and launching of the ‘Gambín, Live it’ concept, which concentrates on sharing experiences, emotions, all of which are possible thanks to the team at GAMBÍN. The result is to be found in all shapes and sizes: products, services, relationships, commercial trade partnerships, and so on.

After this first act, it was time to learn about the profound “restyling” all the brands went through and there was also space to meet and learn about the most recent incorporation to the brands: ‘BIN’.

The event continued as a human multi-coloured crowd got to be creative by inventing through teamwork their own particular recipes of fruit compositions and desert making. Furthermore, an original long-distance running competition was held, and even if timing was not of importance, it could have been compared to any major sports happening.

To close this memorable day hundreds of people gave in to their creativity by painting on blank canvasses during an activity focussed on ‘Feelings becoming Art’, testing their limits as artists. True artwork was born, with tempera paintings sharing the intense moment, rivalling with aquarelle paintings and some challenging new generation graffiti.

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