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The healing properties of “Fino” lemon

Direct from the GAMBÍN fields to our bodies. Foods are our allies, and we must take advantage of them in the best way. There is nothing like taking benefit from the natural properties of different products. We can easily include them in our daily diet in a delicious way. One of the greatest examples and one of the most distinguished citrus in our product offer, is the Fino lemon

These are some of the healing properties of the fine lemon from which you can benefit.

Reduction of hypertension

Fino lemon comes at the start of the year, and its consumption can be a relief for different problems. One of them, hypertension, affects a high percentage of the population. The high potassium levels of lemon, together with its low sodium content, are ideal for balancing excessive blood pressure.

Improvement of the digestive process

The curative properties of Fino lemon are ideal to complement a correct digestive process, by supporting liver functions and acting as a great antiseptic.

Fight the cold

Maybe the most popular use of lemon is really an old cure, well known and discussed by grannies: the ability to combat symptoms of colds or flu.

Relieves muscle and bone aches

Lemons can also act against pain such as sciatica or rheumatic problems and improve blood circulation.

An ally for your skin

Fino lemon is pure versatility. It can help us with a sore throat, as an emergency deodorant, it is a remedy against acne, sores or blisters. It is the perfect fruit for countless recipes, desserts and juices, but it can also improve our health.

No food replaces medicine, but by consuming the right products, such as lemon, we can gain a preventive method. Especially, if accompanied by a healthy diet based on natural products.