Cultural Practices, key to the quality of GAMBÍN citrus.
  • 23 March 2020

Cultural Practices are the different tasks of maintenance and care of farms and crops. These practices guarantee good harvests and also the continuity of productivity. Practices GAMBÍN meets in detail.

In order to do so, our Field Management team monitors all the variables to carry out the appropriate work. Every morning, different teams are organized and plan activities for each specific area. Once they are perfectly equipped with their tools and PPEs, they start their tasks.

Water management

Water management is a key process. Each farm has an irrigation head in charge of the regulation and control of water resources. The operators program the control panel with the parameters indicated by the technical manager. In addition, they check that the compost deposits are aligned with the schedule. The good arrangement of the drip irrigation system optimizes the distribution of water in the soil (wet bulb). One by one, it is checked that they are not clogged, making the appropriate replacements when needed since the circulation of adequate amounts of water at the appropriate times is key for the tree. 

Our own machinery 

GAMBÍN has its own machinery fleet to carry out cultural practices. Tractors are necessary to undertake many of the jobs quickly and efficiently. Depending on the daily work, their equipment is configured with the appropriate tools. Knowledge of the vehicle and its correct tuning are key in this task. This is the only way to guarantee a good performance that will provide the appropriate service.

The process of pruning

By pruning we ensure the proper sanitation and development of the tree. While executing it, GAMBÍN specialists wear the appropriate PPE to avoid injuries. Good pruning is essential to achieve optimum production levels. Thanks to a precise cut, the renewal of the vegetative part of the tree is achieved. Thus, citrus fruits remain healthy and keep all the characteristics that define the superior quality of our products.

Weed-control strategy

Control of weeds by manual weeding is one of our cultural practices. Our field equipment operators check and remove weeds one by one. In pairs, they walk the grounds to remove the elements that may interfere with the crop. Thus, healthy plants and grounds are kept, avoiding resource competition between weeds and GAMBÍN citrus trees.

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