The press fixes its attention on GAMBÍN as a reference in the sector at the beginning of the campaign
  • 09 December 2019

The start of the national citrus campaign is an important date on the calendar within the business, but it is also of importance for other economic and social agents. In a country like Spain, where the production and commercialization of agricultural products means a significant part of the GDP, over ten thousand jobs and industries relate, directly or indirectly, to this activity. As such, all eyes are on this campaign, on what will happen and how to anticipate the performance during its central months.

For this reason, companies who are a reference within the business have much to say. Therefore, the media have turned to these professionals to know, first-hand, about their forecasts, asking them for their opinions, their sensations and for the first data on this freshly started campaign. GAMBÍN has been one of them.

During the Madrid Fruit Attraction Trade Faire, a leading radio channel with the biggest audience score on the national scene, COPE, connected live with the GAMBÍN stand. During a 10-minute interview, the director of COPE Alicante spoke to Emilio Orts, manager of the Gambín Group. The interviews on the morning show are destined to thousands of radio listeners who attend the program every day. The conversation touched some of the headlines for the sector in the coming months, reviewed the status on crops and field, considered the forecasts of quantities and quality, and focussed even on the possible behaviours of both national and international markets.

GAMBÍN also appeared in an extensive article published by Alicante Plaza, a digital newspaper of highly distributed in the Valencian Community and of great penetration within the business. In this article, Orts provided interesting answers related to both the positioning of the company and the product, highlighting the trends within this campaign. It could not be otherwise for a group that sold last year 60 million kilos of oranges, tangerines and lemons to the entire European continent and some areas of Asia.

Customer loyalty, through a care for the product in terms of excellent quality, suitable service and on spot delivery at the point of sale, is, according to Orts, a major key of success. A value that is embedded within GAMBÍN's DNA and that allows the company to be competitive on demanding markets. Today, this way of understanding business has become very significant, due to the rise of emerging competitors such as Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Israel. The manager of the company based in Cox, Alicante, believes that the only way to deal with these new threats is to continue producing and offering citrus of the highest quality, a distinctive trait when talking about Spanish production.

Having your own team with about half a thousand employees constantly trained within the company was another of the issues emphasised in the interview. The cornerstone of a project that this year not only intends to continue its excellent and widespread presence in countries such as Poland, Italy and France, but also continues to enhance the value of its brand in Asian territories.

The interview of Alicante Plaza to GAMBÍN was amongst the most read articles that day, scoring a higher attention rate than updates on relevant political and economic news.


- You can listen to the interview with GAMBÍN at COPE Alicante at: 

- You can read the interview with GAMBÍN in Alicante Plaza at: Marruecos-hay-que-hacerlo-en-calidad 

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