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Marcas Gambin

A brand is much more than a name. Behind letters and numbers chosen to identify a company and its products there is more than just a combination of symbols. Something that is quite clear at GAMBÍN and we want to preserve it, from the first to the last person in our organisation. To GAMBÍN, our brand is our core value, an intangible asset that we possess. It is our major heirloom. We entrust it with our know-how and values we have been accumulating for decades. It is the guarantee that we will deliver a specific product to its destiny by upholding its quality standards and fulfilling the expectations that the receiver has bestowed upon us.

Our brand does not only improve the communication process and identification of our citrus in the world, it also establishes a tie with our clients that stretches beyond a simple commercial operation. It stands for scent, taste and colour; but also for a way of understanding the fruit business, transcending the sole corporate side of it. It converts to a way of life that we want to share at all times with our buyers. An authentic emotional connexion.

GAMBÍN is synonym for crop selection; for an assortment of varieties that is ideal to our clients. It stands for quality products, handled in a traditional way; it represents our flair for service and our orientation to the necessities of the buyer. These are main standards that have permitted us to achieve a high range of fidelity throughout all these years and it is through these standards that we wish to be known to others that yet have to discover us in different markets.

Our brand is a symbol of global guarantee, indistinctively of which country we are at. It exists to protect our prestige and to offer tranquillity to the buyer about the fact that he will receive quality citrus, both as a product, as in the way he will obtain and receive it.

It is a manner to boost confidence as a bond to maintain and cultivate growing human relationships. And therefore we count on the implication of all departments and areas within the company, which, at all times, feel, breathe and share the essence of GAMBÍN.