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José Gambín: “Passion for our profession and a care for detail are both DNA and basics of our entrepreneurial success.”

José Gambín

At 48 years of age, not only has he reached a height in his personal development, but also has he come to fulfil a certain business maturity. He might be called “A chip off the old bock”, as this businessman from Alicante region fully embodies the third generation of a family with a profound history of starting up, developing and managing production facilities, citrus handling and fruit and vegetable trading companies.

As General Managing Director of the Gambín Group, and through his knowledge, a result of a broad experience in Trade, José Gambín Gambín shares his vision about the entrepreneurial world and his own particular way of experiencing it.

What do a companies like GAMBÍN nowadays need to compete with on the Market?

Our business requires companies to have sufficient producing and exporting capacity. GAMBÍN, with its third generation fully dedicated to its management, understands better than others how to develop to a full extent the fruit trading business. To be ourselves, to be frontrunners of change. Our family based business has been capable of conceiving the future and has been skilfully adapting its course, creating a new business model.

Which are the keys to success for GAMBÍN?

Plain and simple. First, a team of 500 employees bundling as one into a workforce based on polyvalence, commitment, versatility, and, above all, devoted to the company, its suppliers and its clients. Supported by our origins, our unlimited resource: three generations brought up with principles based on effort, responsibility and a passion for trade; and all of these key issues together strengthen GAMBIN and imbue the company with values. Last but not least, we take proud in our simplicity as a vehicle for innovation. It is no doubt a simple strategy and a cheap one, completed with care for detail as a basic work attitude and as a value on which relationships are being built.

On a short and on a middle long term, how do you feel about the future in fruit trading?

GAMBÍN has chosen the strategic move to specialize in citrus: lemons, oranges and easy-peelers. Fresh seasonal produce that make up the quality of our brand. Citrus with a touch of proximity, recognised by our clients for their steadiness throughout the year. Concerning the fruit trade business, I sense it will be formed by companies specializing in one or few products, clearly identified by their brand and their specific niches on an International market.