Joaquín Gambín: "We have evolved in a decided bet towards our production sites and the specialization in citrus production”
  • 10 May 2019

He is both voice and image of the experience. For over half a century, Joaquín Gambín Santacruz, an 80-year-old Alicante businessman, has been fully dedicated to what he calls "his lifetime's passion": the production and marketing of citrus, fruit and vegetables. As acting president of the GAMBÍN Group, he enthusiastically fulfills the challenge of connecting the legacy of his predecessors with a renewed organizational model, a reflection of the third generation.

What is the main change GAMBIN has suffered within these past 50 years?

The main change is that the fruit business at GAMBÍN has evolved. It has shifted from a wholesale based commercial model, specialized in a wide portfolio of traditional products, fruit and vegetables - distributed on the national Spanish market - towards a company that focusses on its production sites and concentrates on specializing in citrus.

How has your client´s demand changed?

Both market and customers have become more demanding. They are looking increasingly for fresh and healthy produce, in compliance with environmental and respectful best practices. Furthermore, it has to be supplied through an efficient delivery service. This specific demand of our clients has brought GAMBIN in recent years to professionalize all of its organizational areas, as well as specializing its activity.

What do you ask from the third generation when managing GAMBÍN?

Firstly, to continue being committed to suppliers and customers at the same time; and above all, to be respectful of our origins that have brought us this far. Secondly, to ensure the distribution of functions of our family members and their training throughout the core of the company, this in order to guarantee the continuous presence of our identity and our know-how. Finally, to be responsible in maintaining long-term business relationships with customers and suppliers, in addition to a clear commitment to pursue growth in hectares of citrus crops in order to enhance our production capacity.

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