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A job well done, partnership and loyalty, are values that are constantly present at out Company since its establishment some 60 years ago. It is the driving force that moves us daily and it is the warranty that our standards will remain unmovable for a long time. Therefore, we count on the hard work and daily effort of hundreds of people. We count on the constant dedication of professionals who put forward their implication at each step they take, with each managing move they make.

Depositaries of the Gambín legacy, a family who from the very beginning are known to establish profound affective bonds with their surroundings, going beyond a mere commercial or business relationship. Fully aware that each gesture counts and that all people add up, whatever their ranking position in the organisational chart, to reach the final result of its product. Values, security, commitment, professional development and individual attention to detail are undividable parts of our way of understanding how we relate to our job.

angel pelegrin

"In warehouse work, good communication is key to make everything work"

His knowledge of the fruit world is absolute. This is not surprising after a whole life dedicated to it, performing the most diverse tasks that can be imagined. A career path that has provided Ángel Jesús Pelegrín Pérez with an overall perception of the citrus world which he is now putting into practice as Warehouse Manager for GAMBÍN, a company in which he will soon be celebrating 21 years of experience and of which he is a fundamental part.

Manuel Carmona

"After 31 years in GAMBÍN, I can't imagine being anywhere else"

He came into the office one day to fill a vacancy. It was 1989. Since then, Manuel José Carmona has never missed a single day, except for holidays or bank holidays. Sometimes not even that. "I'm dependent on GAMBÍN. Since I live across the street, even if it's a weekend, I come down for a while to organise my work. For me this is an extension of my house," he says. Who could have imagined this when, a few weeks after starting with us and having a subject left to finish his Social Graduate studies, he told his uncle Quino that he was getting overwhelmed. "I told him I was going to spend a week thinking about it: it's been 31 years since then and I'm still here," he smiles.

Digitalización en sector agroalimentario

From digitalization to digital transformation in the agri-food sector

Digitalization is not the same as digital transformation. Few companies today are unaware of the former, while not so many are actually involved with the latter. The conversion to electronic formats of files, documents or programmes is now practically commonplace in any business or company, but it is far from the true vocation of change and revolution in the protocols, times, efficiency and therefore, general enhancement of the results that the digital transformation implies.

Entrevista Marlen


Her name is María Rufete Cruz but her peers know her as Marlen, a nod to her birthplace. This is how everybody knows her at GAMBÍN, although it would be more accurate to say the opposite: it is she who knows each and every person who is or has been part of the company. Thirty years after she joined the staff –with a 1995-2001 maternity leave-, there is no corner of our Cox facilities that keeps secrets for her.

Hers is a story of personal and professional growth within the company, a story of personal enrichment reflected on anyone that has had the pleasure of working with her. “I started working at GAMBÍN when I was 17 years old and my task was to clean and pack. Until one day I got offered a job in what back then was the sales department.

Finca Lo Belmonte II

Lo Belmonte II farm: the richness of a privileged soil

The quality of GAMBÍN citrus is not by chance. Behind each colour, scent and taste of our unique oranges and lemons, there is our defining care for detail, processes, and people. The care that sets us apart and makes us who we are is also present in our farms. They are the result of their privileged location, combined with our expertise, which blends ancestral procedures with the most cutting-edge industrial techniques.

Among them, one can find Lo Belmonte II. Located between Cox and Orihuela, this is a 10 hectares plantation with a total of 5.450 trees.

Lo Belmonte II sits on a silty-loam textured soil, made up of 42% sand, 52% silt and 6% clay, combined with low organic matter content, below 2%.