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A job well done, partnership and loyalty, are values that are constantly present at out Company since its establishment some 60 years ago. It is the driving force that moves us daily and it is the warranty that our standards will remain unmovable for a long time. Therefore, we count on the hard work and daily effort of hundreds of people. We count on the constant dedication of professionals who put forward their implication at each step they take, with each managing move they make.

Depositaries of the Gambín legacy, a family who from the very beginning are known to establish profound affective bonds with their surroundings, going beyond a mere commercial or business relationship. Fully aware that each gesture counts and that all people add up, whatever their ranking position in the organisational chart, to reach the final result of its product. Values, security, commitment, professional development and individual attention to detail are undividable parts of our way of understanding how we relate to our job.

en gambin hemos conseguido una receta muy consolidada para ofrecer el mejor producto en el momento exacto

“At GAMBÍN we have achieved a very consolidated recipe to offer the best product at the exact moment”

This is the story of a boy who grew up in the cold climate of Barlad, a city located in the eastern corner of Romania, a few kilometres from the border with Moldova and Ukraine, in the immediate vicinity of the Black Sea. One day, during a school visit to the local Botanic Garden, he fell in love with a tree. The beauty of the tree captivated him and its perfume haunted him, as did its round and remarkable fruits. He was already ten years of age when he experienced for the first time the sight of an orange tree, something exotic in the area. At that time, nobody knew he would end up dedicating his life to understanding the functioning of citrus fruits. He would make the best out of it and enable thousands of people to reach happiness by offering them the best possible flavour, colour and perfume of easy-peelers, oranges and lemons.

nuevos limoneros de maximo rendimiento para gambin

10,000 new high performance lemon trees for GAMBÍN

GAMBÍN is assuming an important renewal of its farming grounds as it is planting 10,000 new lemon trees. A commitment to maintain the highest quality and production level of our crops, while enhancing resources and sustainability.

During 2019 and 2020, we will continue to bet on the regeneration of lemon plantations of Fino and Verna variety inserted on Macrophylla feet.

But how do you insert to obtain high quality citrus fruits?

“Inserting” is a cultivation technique based on the vegetable union of two plants: pattern and variety. With the insertion it is possible to maintain the characteristics of the desired variety with the possibility of choosing a pattern with a root system according to the soil conditions of the area.



They are the engine that responds with power and solvency to the current client portfolio of the GAMBÍN market. Fran, Joaquín and Marlen, in Alicante; Cristian, Juan and Alexis, at the Canary Islands; and Satur, in Almeria, each one of them, stand for a perfectly assembled commercial team.

All of them are characterized by their passion for this profession, their extensive experience in the business and their strong customer service orientation.

They are the spearhead to achieve year after year the commercial objective of GAMBÍN. This 2019-2020 campaign, once more, the team is totally focused on purveying customers with an excellent product, both in terms...

Carolina Gambin

“At GAMBÍN we improve the quality of the Fruit that is delivered to the client through selection”

Her eyes glow when talking about Gambin and for a reason; Carolina, Carol as everybody knows her in the company, does not only wear the family’s surname, she has also forged, both professionally and personally, the packing station in Cox.

Her profound knowledge of fruit has brought her to supervise the packing line, where she is in charge, together with her team, to select the optimum quality demanded by each client.