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Gambín merchandising

Merchandising Gambin

Be continuously present when and where your customers need it, this has been a golden rule for the GAMBÍN group since its beginnings, and this attitude has contributed decisively in its development and growth. The proximity of our professionals to any point of sale and distribution is achieved through continuous visits, calls and mailing. We hereby provide information about our products and processes, in order to detail the particularities that make our citrus fruits unique.

The visibility of our brands is a fundamental tool for GAMBÍN customers, through this market presence they can sell more on their respective markets. Merchandising plays a fundamental role in this process. By publishing articles, the company, who invests thoroughly in these matters, broadens its corporate image, transmits values ​​and generates a constant presence in the minds of consumers. 

The GAMBÍN calendar is yet another example of our effort to be near to our customers. As we start a new year, we have decided to show different aspects of our daily work, we open up the GAMBÍN world. The slogan "Every day a new story" points to our constant activity and ranges from the crops and farms to moments in national distribution and our activities on international markets. We even show how we cope with various production processes at the workstation and look at our logistics. We already display these day-to-day moments in our social network and through our digital information channels. They can easily be accessed by reading a scannable QR code with the camera of any smartphone device.

We also developed specific stationery, which is widely accepted amongst the public. The striking Gambín Live-it experience, embodying the strength and emotion of our company, is shown on notebooks. These useful tools are already all-time favourites of our partners. We complete them with unique writing gear.

And then there are the posters… Through different types of posters, GAMBÍN distributors can mark and highlight the spots where they display the goods. They hereby configure their own ‘Gambín Corner’ and highlight the space drawing their customers’ attention.

Finally, there is the GAMBÍN clothing line. Polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts and caps with a modern design and made with high quality textile. They can be used as a uniform but they are also very fit as a garment for everyday use.

Do you want more information about our merchandising? Ask your commercial contact person at GAMBÍN.