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Citrosol and GAMBÍN: 30 years ensuring the quality of your citrus

We do not see them with the naked eye, but they are there. Pathogens can ruin at the most unexpected time the best citrus crop, generating large economic losses and putting food safety at risk. For this reason, it is essential to carry out a coordinated control of actions that contribute to minimizing risks.

In GAMBÍN we consider it a priority to have the best team of workers and partners. Strong and lasting relationships, both internally and externally. A formula that sets the foundation of our success and that accompanies us since our beginnings.

CITROSOL's is a clear example of this. For over 30 years, we rely on the leading national company for the treatment of our citrus fruits on their technology, advice and post-harvest products. They are qualified and experienced professionals who are passionate about their work. These "fruit doctors" provide sustainable solutions to increase the commercial life and freshness of our oranges, lemons and tangerines, and thus, avoid as much as possible the risks of exposure of such a natural product.

Together with Citrosol we were pioneers in applying the concept of Circular Economy in our facilities thanks to the Citrosol zero Waste® System. The quality of its products and its technologies help us to reduce the carbon footprint. For instance, with CITROSOL A S UE wax we reduce energy consumption, together with the use of cutting-edge technology such as Drench online or Fortisol® Ca.

Citrosol's commitment to Gambín allows us to obtain maximum efficiency and homogeneity in our treatments. To do this, they investigate and develop more precise application systems that reduce randomness when applying treatments on an industrial scale.

Control remains of great relevance in citrus shipments, as well as food safety. The Citrosol molecular biology laboratory ensures rapid identification of pathogens and thus ensure effective treatment and resistance. We guarantee therefore that the treatments applied are the most appropriate at each moment of the campaign, based on diagnoses made quickly.

Innovative technologies at GAMBÍN increase the commercial life of citrus fruits and as a result, apart from aiming at distributing fruit of excellent quality on all markets, we contribute to food waste reduction.