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GAMBÍN trucks: twelve and a half laps around the world every year

camiones gambin doce vueltas y media al mundo cada ano

The equivalent of 12 and a half laps around the world, that’s the distance covered annually by GAMBÍN trucks. More than 500,000 kilometres a year to make it possible for our products to be on time, at the required place. Therefore, it is not surprising that when touring on Spanish highways or European roads you will most probably encounter one of our vehicles.

It is not, however, a simple matter. Citrus, like all perishable products, lose quality and properties once harvested. As such, until they are made available to customers at the point of sale, every day that passes is of great importance.

Another aspect plays an important role: surrounding temperature. While the operation of moving our citrus from field to warehouse is carried out at ambient or ordinary temperature, the trip to the distribution platforms or markets is carried out considering having temperature and humidity levels under control. It is essential for fresh fruit to arrive in optimum conditions that the cold chain is maintained.

Handling fruit with delicacy and taking into consideration measures of hygiene are of utmost importance when harvesting, transport as such, at this stage, must focus on avoiding mechanical damage to the fruit, ensuring its correct handling and stowage in containers. Subsequently, in the distribution phase, vehicles must be verified and must be free of any source of contamination, as there may be no risk to food safety.

For all these reasons, transport must always be adapted to the type of product transported and must contemplate the areas it will be travelling through. The GAMBÍN fleet of vehicles covers the entire range of situations and conditions. From small trucks who have access to the most remote farms through complicated roads, to refrigerated trailers capable of crossing the continent traveling through the wide European motorways, all types of vehicles are available to the company. This fundamental logistic resource is complemented by a team of collaborators, whenever needed and at any stage of the campaign.

The importance of the human factor

However, this could not be possible without a fundamental component, as it is always with our company: the people. The drivers are the ones who make it possible for the merchandise to travel in optimum conditions and they drive to arrive in time, and from one point to another. And we at GAMBÍN have the best drivers. We count with professionals with absolute knowledge and mastery of their vehicles. Through constant qualification and training, we maintain their high know-how level. They are trained not only in mechanics and roads, but also learn how to master the product they carry. GAMBÍN chauffeurs know citrus and all related stages and processes perfectly.

In addition, although navigation and geolocation systems today provide great help in finding the best routes, the experience and ability to adapt to any unforeseen situation remains an added value, ensuring that the goods are available at the required time.

Therefore, as in many other situations, we are committed to the continuity, permanence and continuous training of our professionals. To prove this and as a matter of fact, some of our drivers have been working for our company for over 25 years.

And you? Do you want to be part of the GAMBÍN team? Send us your CV through this link (